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fishbowl: a vignette collection

vignette (viːˈnjɛt,vɪˈnjɛt/) - noun : a brief, evocative description, account or episode. 
Like every creation spawned by planet earth, our screens have evolved. The great race for survival taught them to communicate, to store and process information, to keep us ever more hooked to their effervescent glow. 
Every skill they ever honed, it was with the express purpose of being ever more loved by us, craved by our restless fingers and our twitchy eyes. 
Now we walk around, too often forgetting that we carry on our hands the burden of an entire world, a world with its own rules, where time runs in every direction, where matter appears and disappears, merges, splits, burns and explodes in a chaos we are contempt to spur but don't really understand. 
What goes on behind the glass? 
1. the big bang 
2. portrait
3. the story we told
4. golden castle
5. update 
6. meltdown

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golden castle

the story we told


the big bang